Fighting through darkness

No one ever imagines a place so cold that all warmth is soaked up from your heart. Or so desolate that the wind is your only companion. No human desire is for a place so quiet you can hear the blood fighting its way through your veins.A place that can be so loud that you cannot hear yourself think. Isolated but surrounded by hollow shells in which blood trails hit my face. Transparent demons control my darkest thoughts,caging the essence of grief that slowly devours me from inside. Memories are now my blood , they flow through my body ,pumping life to my heart. Memories of Friendship,love and once hope..i guess my eyes are as Blind as he who closes His eyes to the light and will not have it shine. Although I cannot see, my mind still preserves the happiness i used to have. Placebo pills, estranged Councillors, diminutive pride shadowing ‘ doctors’.Every shallow breath is drawn out from within, obliterated by another’s theory of psychological impurities. The cold air reveals to me a breathe’s shadow only to be sliced by the running bullet of destructive words from yet another selfish figure of society, his leader rifled with the hope of acceptance.I tell you this now do not let peers pressure you only to deceive because it destroys the very existence of people.

When you feel nothing but pain ripping you up from the inside ,slithering up your spine and into your eyes , only to form droplets of nothing, of course you wonder whats wrong with you .. i sometimes wish tears could show more than just the substance it is; nobody else feels the sting when they hit my face , over and over again. They’re just constant reminders of the torment and hurt i feel on a day to day basis. Sometimes i don’t know whether to break down and cry or to rive in anger , i assure you that you’ve most probably felt like this at one point. I feel this everyday , every minute, in my loudest laughs , my biggest smiles , my happy appearances. It’s there. I don’t need anyone to tell me i’m insane or even to tell me I’m going to get better because i’m not. There are so many paths to choose from , i just need someone to know walk down them with meImage


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